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Sovereign (Sovereign, #1)

Sovereign (Sovereign, #1) - E.R. Arroyo Thanks to Gliterary Girl Media for giving me a chance to participate in this tour.
I can't say enough good things about Sovereign! E.R. Arroyo did an amazing job with this book. I normally only read at night before bed. Since I had started this book, I was looking for reasons to go inside and read or couldn't wait for bedtime. The book and characters in particular, stayed on my mind all day. This being post apocalyptic, I normally have trouble with world building. Sovereign changed all that. I actually felt like I was there. And the characters were amazing! There were times that I actually found myself holding my breath waiting to see what happened next. And yes, I did tear up a couple of times. A few surprises too! I wasn't left guessing about anything. It was all pretty much explained. I do caution you though. There is violence and some graphic scenes. Not too horrible though. Overall this book was phenomenal and I can't wait for the sequel!!