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Black Swan Rising (Black Swan Rising #1)

Black Swan Rising (Black Swan Rising #1) - Lee  Carroll This book had so much in it that I liked, I really can't name them all. I'm going to keep this review simple because I'm on a lot of medication and don't remember a lot of details. LOL Only really how I felt throughout the book. I read this while part in the hospital and part when I came home.
I really don't remember any slow parts in this book. There was always something going on, even if it was behind the scenes. There were times when it felt like I was so anxious that I was holding my breath. Then there were times where I was angry at the heroine, Garet. There is a vampire, fey, demons, and elementals. I thought it was so interesting how Garet learns about her powers. I absolutely recommend this book for anyone who likes any type of supernatural.