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Gypsy Nights - Mandy M. Roth NOTICE: Menage M/F/M
I really thought this book would be different than it was after I read the first couple of pages. The eroticism started right away and I thought that's what the whole book would be. But I was pleasantly surprised.
It took Sabastian 30 years to find Gitana and he was NOT going to let anything get between them. They wasted no time getting to the bedroom, but all hell breaks loose after their first time. The sex was beautiful, the sex was raunchy and raw. It really was touching though because it was prophesied that Gitana and a mullo(demon) would meet and make a child that would be the one ruler that would end the fighting between the gypsies and the demons.
I thought the characters could have had a little more depth than they did. You were left wondering about some things. The story line is the same but I loved it. I loved the thought of Sebastian searching 30 years for his one true mate. And even how he kept saying, "you're mine."
I really wished this book were longer or had a sequel. Things were left all up in the air. That was really the one flaw I had with the book. Everything happened so fast at the end, and things were said at the end that weren't explained more.
In the end? I give it a really good 3 stars and a definite 5 flames.