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Aladdin's Samovar - Lauren Sweet One rule-polishing your silver causes weird things to happen.
I have to say that this was a really great read. The characters were so personable. Amber, the main character, was almost as funny and witty as Darynda Jones' Charley Davidson. Ambers mother Indigo, is the funniest chick ever! She walks around in bright caftans saying the wackiest things, all the while meditating naked at the worst times. And how could I poossibly forget Jasper, the smoking hot genie? How couldn't you love a guy whose clothes shrink every time things get a little heated?
There were points in the book though, where I wished there was more going on between Amber and Jasper, but I think her pessimism got in the way.
I personally think Lauren Sweet's writing style is very smooth. There is no jumpiness that I see a lot in other books.
In the end, I think the characters(well, most of them anyway) were amazing. The plot kept you going. There weren't really any slow parts, with something always going on with either Amber, Indigo, or Jasper. But I did think there could have been a better ending.

A definite 3.5-4 stars