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Sweet Mercy - Ann Tatlock Sweet Mercy is a coming of age story set in the time of Prohibition. eve Marryat moves with her parent's to her uncle's lodge after her father is laid off from Ford. Eve is definitely a smart cookie and starts picking up on weird happenings. I found Eve to be a naive goody goody, but I'm guessing that's how 17 year olds were back then. But I loved the character and world building in Sweet Mercy. I think Ann Tatlock did a phenomenal job in that respect. I don't see that very often. I also find it fun to be reading and come across brand names snuck in here and there. This was an easy and fun read. It was smooth without jumping all around. There were a few surprises throughout the book that made me want to keep reading. Overall, this was a fantastic book and I will be seeking out more of Ann's books.