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The Madman's Daughter - Megan Shepherd Wow, what can I say about this book? It far exceeded my expectations and also gave me a new favorite author! The Madman's Daughter left me feeling shocked, excited, and definitely wanting more. No matter what I write here, it won't do the book justice. Juliet has lived a sad, stressed life before she meets up again with a servant from her childhood. After that, her world now reels out of control. I really don't want to say anything that might give away any part of the book, so I'll just write how this book made me feel. I actually got scared at some points, as well as teary eyed, and anxious. It was so beautifully written, Megan Shepherd is now a favorite of mine. It's too bad that this book is her debut novel because I want to read more! I think my husband is tired of hearing about it because I've been talking about the book since I started it. LOL Does anyone else do that? From what I hear, there will be 2 more books to this series. I have already put them on my TBR pile.
Don't walk, RUN, and go buy this as soon as it comes out!