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Island of Lost Girls - Jennifer McMahon Island of Lost Girls is about a girl that is kidnapped by someone dressed as a rabbit. Rhonda has just come home from college and is reuniting with her first love Peter. Everything goes horribly wrong when Rhonda witnesses the kidnapping. Throughout the book, Rhonda does everything she can to help find the little girl.

Island of Lost Girls is the 5th book I've read by Jennifer McMahon. It is definitely one of my favorites. The book, like all of Jennifer's books, switches from past to present. Other books switch constantly and I get confused, but this one was perfect. It was quite a surprise who the criminal winds up to be at the end. I got a sense of the characters pretty early on in the book. It is told in Rhonda's point of view and there were times when I became Rhonda in my mind. That's when I know the book was written well. One thing I didn't like were the nicknames. Rhonda was Ronnie, and the kidnapped girl, Ernestine, was Ernie. Yuck! I don't like to write about the plot very often because then I would have to take notes and I wouldn't enjoy the book as much. I like to tell more about how I felt while reading it and how I related to the characters. I really have to say again, you really need to read at least one of Jennifer's books.