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Devil's Mountain - Bernadette Walsh **MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS**

Okay, this book was a little creepy for me. Many emotions happened for me in this book.
Two Irish families come together for the wedding of Bobby and Caroline. When the mother of the bride, Nellie, sees the mother of the groom, Mary, Nellie starts screaming, telling Caroline she cannot marry into that family. The wedding proceeds anyway. Mary goes back home to Devlin's Mountain in Ireland, where she Is summoned by Slanaitheoir. I'm not sure how that's pronounced by the way. Anyway, Slanaitheoir is some type of demon that pretty much owns the Devlin women. He does some pretty vile things to Mary, who Is owned by him until another Devlin woman Is born. Mary is classified as schizopphrenic but is she really? Or has Slanaitheoir gotten to her head? Mary has a vision of her son Bobby dying. Sure enough, he is killed in New York City on 9/11. Being a New Yorker myself, this took me by surprise and was upsetting. Caroline then visits Mary in Ireland and it seems all hell breaks loose. The love and loss these two women go through is quite profound.
This Book, for me, went from boring, to upsetting, to anger, and sadness. I did like how each chapter went back and forth being told by either Mary or Caroline. It was DECently written but there were times I got confused as to what exactly was happening or who was saying or thinking something. Overall, I think this was a good book with a good premise and the very ending was spooky!

3.5 stars
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